Meatballs and Little SausagesThis hearty appetizer is sure to please everyone at your next party or get together.

36 frozen cooked Italian meatballs*
1 (16 oz) package miniature smoked sausages
1 (3-1/2 oz) package sliced pepperoni
1 (26 oz) jar meatless spaghetti sauce
1 (18 oz) bottle hickory flavor barbecue sauce
1 (12 oz) bottle chili sauce
1/4 cup packed brown sugar

Combine all the ingredients in a 5 quart slow cooker. Cover and cook on Low for 3 hours or until hot. Keep warm in slow cooker. Makes 8 cups.

* Place party toothpicks and a slotted spoon alongside the slow cooker. Guests can easily scoop the meatballs, sausages and pepperoni out of the sauce. They can use the toothpicks to make little kabobs for easy and tasty munching.

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