One Of Those DaysHave you ever had “one of those days“? You know what I mean by one of those days! You wake up in the morning with a million things to get done, some of them really important things, and before you even have your first sip of coffee or whatever you start the day with, EVERYTHING starts going wrong!

You got up late because somehow your alarm got turned off, Johnny can’t find his shoes, Betty is upset because she forgot to do her math homework, hubby is grumpy because he won’t have time for breakfast (and he’s really hungry this morning!) and you just want to crawl back under the covers and go back to sleep until tomorrow!

Instead, you rush around like a mad-woman locating the missing shoes, reminding daughter that she has study hall before math class so she can do her homework then, and popping blueberry muffins, (thank goodness you made extra last week and froze some!), into the microwave.

Hubby is extremely grateful for the yummy muffins and heads out the door with a smile on his face. It’s only a few minutes later when he rushes back in the house, grabs the house phone (his cell phone is  dead!) and calls a co-worker to ask for a ride to work;  his truck won’t start! But the co-worker has already left his house and he forgot to take his cell phone with him!

It looks like you will be taking hubby to work this morning! Now you are grabbing the phone, trying to contact the office to let them know you will be late (again)! Can it get any worse? OH, YES! The school bus just went flying by!! Now guess who gets to take the kids to school after dropping hubby off at work?

You take one last look around as you head out the door. What a mess!!! A sink full of dirty dishes, blueberry muffin crumbs on the kitchen table and floor, clothes scattered everywhere, junk mail and unpaid bills littering the dining room table, a light left on in the family room, nothing planned for tonight’s dinner, etc., etc., etc.

Right then and there you decide, this is never going to happen again! No more rushing around like a mad-woman, no more being late! You are going to get organized, make up a chart of everyone’s responsibilities and assign chores to each family member, plan meals ahead and cook in abundance on the weekends and freeze extras, prepare shoes and clothing the night before so all is ready in the morning, etc., etc., etc. You’ve got it all under control!

You awake with a start! The alarm somehow got turned off! You are late! Johnny can’t find his shoes…………….!!!!!


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