Today I’d like to tell you about a wonderful web site called Pet It was founded by my son Jason and his lovely wife Christy, who are both devoted animal lovers, having been exposed to pets basically all of their lives. A lot of time and extensive research has been invested in learning how to best care for any and all animals that have crossed their paths. They are delighted to be able to share their findings and experiences with other pet lovers the world over!

jason-christy-portraitIf you are considering adopting a pet or already own one or more pets, you will find pertinent and useful information at Pet to help you better understand how to give your pets the best possible care. For example: Jason just recently did a how-to article on building an inexpensive cat house for outdoor cats. An amazing idea he invented for his own outdoor cat, Big Worm, who stays snug and warm in the coldest of temperatures! This is just one of the many informative articles you will find at Pet

You will also find a great many colorful and illustrative photographs on Pet, as Jason and Christy are both really into photography. As their knowledge and experience grows, you can rest assured that many more will be added in future articles. You will even find a few articles they have graciously allowed me to write for them! So take a few minutes and stop by Pet and check out everything it has to offer. You and your pets, both present and future, will truly be glad you did!

While you are visiting this amazing site, don’t forget to become a fan of Pet!


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